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At Hardlight we focus on delivering solutions to clearly defined business problems. In particular, to solve the increasing problem of how an organisation manages its information assets, and controls the online publishing of that information via the Internet, Intranet or Extranet.


Manifest is an XML based, database driven Content Management System (CMS) for satisfying corporate communications needs, including Internet and Intranet.

  • Fully Integrated with Microsoft Word, Manifest converts Word documents to XML.
  • The Manifest Web Server leverages JAVA J2EE technology.
  • Manifest has been under development since 1999, and was first released and used in 2001, so is well proven technology.
  • No WYSYIWYG Flash facsimiles of Microsoft Word, no copy and paste into a browser, You get all the power of the real thing, upload from Microsoft Word directly! Your documents remain in a universally useful format. Further future proofing your content.
  • Work Offline in MSWord, then just drag all your documents into Manifest.
  • Manifest has to be the simplest, fastest way to generate and maintain website content.

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Manifest will benefit every stakeholder in your organisations Internet and Intranet.

  • Communication managers
    Distributed publishing, Manifest puts control of the message back in your hands. No more Web publishing bottlenecks
  • The Finance department
    Manifest is the content management solution for the CFO trying to manage costs and productivity
  • Content creators
    A system that meets all of your creation and Web publishing demands - and it's still simple to use
  • The IT department
    Manifest gives you low cost, good security, ease of integration and simple ongoing maintenance
  • Site visitors
    The right information, in the right place, right now

New Tango

  • vocabulary flashcard program for java enabled mobile phones.
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  • Manifest now with integrated Xforms.
  • Manifest® prices starting from $495 per domain..

Example Sites

  • The largest known Manifest site currently has over 26,000 pages.

Da Christie Pty Ltd

Australian National Consulting